Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Defining "Raciology"

"Raciology" is defined by Merriam Webster's dictionary as the "study of human races".

The term derives from the Italian root word “raza”, meaning “race”, and the Greek suffix “ology”, meaning the study of a science.

The study of "race" and "racism" is referred to as “raciology” because it is the study of race and concepts of racism.  

Raciology is a social science -- a branch of sociology -- as well as a physical, behavioral and medical and genetic science, involving the biological perception of skin color and difference; ideation, emotion and behavior aroused by perceptions of skin color; and other color associated biological differences.

Raciology is "the study of human races" and the study of concepts of race and racism.

Raciology is, further, the study of "racism" and the study of any ideation, emotion or behavior that is aroused by or elicited by race or racism.  

Raciology is, still further, the scientific study of the societal ramifications, results and consequences that can be scientifically associated with race and racism.

Raciology includes the precise and data-driven meta analysis of the ramifications of the use, usage and linguistic salience of the terms "race" and "racism" in media, academia and government as well as for-profit and nonprofit corporations, popular culture and transnational dialectics.

Raciology further includes the study of societal, transcultural and transnational vocabulary and concepts used to describe, study and "unpack" race and racism, whether in scholarly, erudite, popular or slang usage.

Within raciology is the scientific study of the discipline of Critical Race Studies as an academic area, yet raciology is the macro research and analysis of all schools of all human thought, cognition, emotion and behavior associated with race and racism.

A dictionary of raciology would include all of the terms, scholarly, academic, colloquial and slang used to define, describe, conceptualize and analyze race and racism

Encyclopedias of applied linguistics that address raciology include The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics.

Such encyclopedias address all human thought and conceptions regarding race and racism, including the origins of the concept of race, the etymology of the word "race", and all intellectual currents, concepts and schools of thought about race and racism in the context of societies past and present.

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