Sunday, 21 November 2010

Skin Color Groups Exist, But Distinct "Races" Are a Disproved Fallacy

Someone recently brought to my attention her preoccupation as we see radically color-aroused white antagonists seeking to redefine the term "racism" so that only Blacks can be "racists."

The simplest way to counter these people and leave them with their jaws on the floor is to insist that "racism" does not exist because "race" does not exist. "Race" is an anachronistic disproved hypothesis about the meaning of mere skin color.

What science has discovered is that skin color means . . . skin color. So just as our status now allows us to walk of the same sidewalk with whites and not step down when they come along, so our status as members of the human species enables us to hold our heads up high and reject those who would consign us to an imutable ghetto called "the black race".

We acknowledge that our skin is brown, but we reject the notion that our brown skin makes us members of a separate sub-species of human beings.  All scientific evidence now shows that there are no distinct subspecies of human beings within the human species.

It certainly is astonishing that most of the current ideas about "race" were discovered before DNA has was discovered.  So, when forced to choose, will we accept the notions consistent with findings from the present DNA age, or will we steadfastly hold onto unchanged notions of "race" that were conceived over four hundred years ago, before DNA was discovered?  Is it possible that new DNA human genome evidence is consistent with old beliefs that "races" that could be distinguishes from each other based on skin color?  Read this and decide for yourself.

The word "race" is simply the product of a very successful historical campaign to imbue mere skin-color with all sorts of other meanings about lack of intelligence, laziness, sloth, susceptibility to violence and criminality, etc.

The next time someone tries to talk about your or their own "race," acknowledge that your skin color is different but challenge them with the new scientific evidence that "race" does not exist now and it never existed in the past. Colors DO exist in nature and in science, but "races" exist only in our own minds.

People have been discriminated against based on their skin color and cultural ethnicity. We all know that if your skin was suddenly white, then the police would be less likely to stop you and your kids, i.e. for "driving while Black." The "cue" the officer uses to stop you is not your "race" (he can't see your DNA") but rather your skin color.

Skin color antagonistic behavior has nothing whatever to do with "race", because a police officer can't see your DNA from fifty yards, except to the extent that your DNA makes your skin brown. We don't need the word "race" to describe something so simple.

When Blacks begin to insist, year after year, that "race" simply doesn't exist, then it won't matter bit when whites try to redefine "racism." The word "racism" itself will be consigned to the scrapheap of historical ignorance and irrational "flat earth" concepts, just as you no longer hear people discussing "phrenology" today, although it was very much discussed 150 years ago.

The simple fact is that we are discriminated against because our skin is brown and our votes are sought out but also feared because we are part of a "skin-color-group" that is fairly cohesive in its voting, and that group is called "Black people."

Whenever Black or white people use the word "race", we are perpetuating the scientifically disproved fallacy that there are distinct "races" among human beings. We are effectively lying to ourselves and to others because we believe that the political ends or group-cohesiveness goals justify the anti-scientific means.

The history of science shows that science-related ideas that have no basis in science will eventually be rejected and ejected from science. Can anyone remember when it was believed to be absolutely necessary to separate "Black blood" from "white blood" in blood banks? If you can't remember that, it is only because that patently false misconception was conclusively rejected and ejected from science before you were born.

Eventually Blacks and whites will agree that science has proved that "races" don't exist. I predict that THAT will be the way in which "race" is redefined over the next fifty years. We will all eventually acknowledge that skin color groups exist, but "racial groups" do not.