Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Color Arousers, A Billary Clinton Film



Dear AfroSpear Kinfolk:

As the AfroSpear's Field Negro blog reports today, Clinton surrogate Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania is out telling the American people that,

Are Pennsylvania voters still so color-aroused that their voting ideation, emotion and behavior will prevent them from voting for Barack Obama simply on the basis of his color? Hillary and Bill Clinton and Gov. Rendell have to hope so, because they've made this premise the center of their campaign strategy against Obama.

If it is not true that Americans are still extremely color-aroused, then Hillary cannot become president of the United States based on this strategy. So, Billary KKClinton & Co will be criss-crossing the United States over the next two months, reminding voters that Barack Obama is Black and that his Blackness is supposed to the central fact that governs voters' ideation, emotion and voting behavior, as associated with skin color.

The American Journal of Color-Arousal (AMJCA), an AfroSpear blog, offers new analytical tools for understanding color arousal, as well as new linguistic concepts for speaking and communicating to others effectively about the science of color aroused ideation, emotion and behavior studies.

As editor of the American Journal of Color Arousal, it is my opinion that Barack Obama's success at the polls demonstrates that Americans have made significant progress at detaching voting behavior from skin color associated ideation, emotion and behavior. No responsible political official would base a an entire electoral campaign on the hope that extreme color-aroused illness, with its symptomatic color-determined voting patterns, would still be prevalent and determinant when voters go the the polls.

Politicians must always seek to alleviate color-aroused illness in those who still suffer from it, rather than exacerbate the illness for political purposes.

Francis L. Holland, Esq.
Editor, The American Journal of Color Arousal (AMJCA)
55 (73) 3288-1716


Janet Shan said...

Great post! I must say that I was not terribly surprised by Gov. Rendell's statement. The Clinton machine will use all tools at its disposal to smear Obama as much as they can. So, now it cannot be said that Bill Clinton uttered those sentiments and he feels that he has insulated himself from being on the receiving line of the outcry as a result of those incendiary comments.

I applaud Obama because he has transcended race, the very issue used to divide us for so long. Great thoughts.

terrell ali bey said...

this is why i had to out her in the other cant support the willie horton tactics so close to the end.philly got a brother as mayor finally dj rapper mix master mike is the mayor now.philly is where they ddisrespected to moors delaware to an stole govt from us in the 1700s i expect whiggamore attitudes from the source of the usurpation

terrell ali bey said...

check out ali mohammed dvds from i.s.i.s in philly for the truth of our people in philly an ny when it was our land an we taught them govt in philly before 1776.