Friday, 20 June 2008

Tiger Woods Does the Impossible & Color Arousal

There are few sports to which I pay any attention (tennis, fidgeting), and I totally ignore sports that don't have Black partipants. So, totally ignored tennis until Venus and Serena Williams became prominent in the game, and I ignored golf until Tiger Woods was a champion there. While many of us are wringing our hands over the exploits of the bad men of the music world, Tiger Woods has accomplished something that surely deserves at least as much attention, recounts Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post:

What Woods did this week to win the U.S. Open is almost inconceivable. We knew before the tournament that he had recently had arthroscopic surgery to remove cartilage from his left knee, and that he hadn't allowed enough time for proper recovery and rehab. What we didn't know was that he had been playing for months with a torn anterior cruciate ligament of that same knee, and that several weeks ago he had suffered a "double stress fracture of his left tibia," which is the large bone in the lower leg.

To review, that's a ruptured ligament, a broken leg and surgical lesions that hadn't had time to heal. He was suffering what appeared to be excruciating pain, limping down the fairways and doubling over in agony after hitting a 300-yard drive. He was competing against the best golfers in the world. He finished in a tie with journeyman Rocco Mediate, which meant he had to endure an 18-hole playoff -- and, since they finished the playoff tied, one more hole of sudden death.

It makes you wonder if there's anything Woods wouldn't do to win a golf tournament. Eugene Robinson, WaPost.

Now that I've posted a photograph of a handsome and fantastically successful black sports figure with a beautiful BLOND, WHITE woman and their child, I would be remiss (color-aroused sense of duty, i.e. ideation) if I said nothing about color arousal. Who among us, I ask (color-aroused question), can look at the photograph above (perception of skin color) and not have some ideation, emotion and even perhaps behavior that are motivated by our awareness of our own skin color (plus related ideation and emotion) as well as our perception of the skin color of Tiger Woods, his white wife and baby (plus our related color-aroused ideation and emotion)?

Rather than pretend to know the skin-color-associated ideation, emotion and even behavior of all of the readers of my blog (even after some of the stories I've heard), I'll just tell you what goes through my color-aroused mind, consciously:

  1. Tiger Woods looks so handsome and happy. (I feel happy because he's a Black man and he's happy and successful (color-aroused ideation and emotion on my part. Actually, Tiger Woods has said, with good reason, that he is "Cablanasian", which the Urban Dictionary defines as, "A person of mixed race consisting of Caucasian, Black, Asian." "Tiger Woods says he's a Cablanasian to reflect his mixed heritage, and people are beginning to clamor for different racial categories as part of the Census," Luther Brown reminds us in a New Crisis article. (color-associated reflection)
  2. Although some people are angered (color-aroused emotion) at Tiger Woods for denying that he's "Black", yet his insistence that he is Cablanasian is factually correct. "Father, Earl Woods, was a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army. He died on May 3, 2006, age 74. Mother, Kultida, is a native of Thailand. Earl was half black, one-quarter American Indian and one-quarter Chinese. Kultida is half Thai, one-quarter Chinese and one-quarter white." Internet Movie Database
  3. So, when we insist that Tiger Woods is "Black", we actually are insisting upon denying factual history in favor of socially-constructed political "reality." Even if we are among those who believe he should "marry within his race" (now that's some anachronistic, white supremacist and color-deterministic bullshit!), Tiger Woods has three or four "races" and it should be acceptable for him to marry within any one of them, right?
  4. His wife is white and blond and very pretty (perception of skin-color and color-associated physical characteristics).
  5. They have a baby. I wish I had a baby and I would now, if I had had a baby with the white woman who wanted to have a baby with me.
  6. I could have married a white woman or two, but I wanted (color-aroused desire) to marry a Black woman (color-aroused ideation, emotion and behavior).
  7. I was an idiot (color-aroused ideation) really, since the white women really loved me and I went through a lot of lonely (color-aroused) misery (color-aroused emotion) after I broke up with them (color-aroused behavior).
  8. I'm glad Tiger Woods has the courage to marry whomever the hell he wants to.
  9. I think (color-aroused ideation) and fear (color-aroused emotion) that some Black women will get angry (color-aroused emotion) when they see this photograph.
  10. They'll say (verbal behavior), "What's Tiger Woods want to go and marry a white woman for? Does he think white women are prettier or somehow better (ideation) than Black women? They'll think (ideation) to themselves, 'I hate (emotion) that fuckin' Tiger Woods!' They'll scold me (verbal and political behavior) for putting this photograph at my blog as 'a model for Black men (ideation) that insults (ideation) Black women'!

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