Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Asian Boy: A Black Poem

Color-aroused environments and color-aroused self-esteem in the US and elsewhere decrease Black self-esteem, causing depression, mental illness, anger and even suicide. The following is a poem offered by an anonymous reader of this blog that makes the point as well as a battery of studies can:

Asian Boy

I wish I were an Asian boy.

An Asian boy, I'd be.

For, if I were an Asian boy,

then I would not be me.

An Asian child playing in the park without a care.

An Asian child playing under locks of jet black hair.

Alas, I'm not an Asian boy, nor ever will I be.

Not French or Andalusian, not Chilean or Cree.

I am but whom God made me,

and I'll suffer it with pride.

I only wish that I could be

an Asian boy inside.

Anonymous Author

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