Wednesday, 20 May 2009

An Explanation of Extreme Color Arousal Disorder (ECAD)

The theory of "color arousal" is that when people visually (or otherwise) perceive the skin color of others, they may experience learned ideation, emotions, and sometimes act out these ideas and emotions in color-aroused behavior. When color aroused behavior is "extreme", i.e. prevents a person from functioning in one or more areas of life, then that extreme color arousal constitutes a mental disorder called Extreme Color Aroused Disorder (ECAD).

For example, if a person kills his co-workers and then kills himself because he can't stand to interact with Blacks and can't stand to see other whites interact with Blacks, then a person with that level of color-aroused ideation, emotion and behavior clearly has a psychiatric disorder, called Extreme Color Aroused Disorder. For example:
A Mississippi factory employee who had allegedly threatened black co-workers shot and killed five people yesterday at the aircraft parts plant where he worked, wounding eightothers before committing suicide, authorities said.

Workers ran for the exits as the gunman, identified as Doug Williams, walked through the Lockheed Martin plant firing a 12-gauge shotgun at them shortly before 10 a.m., Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie said. Williams had stepped away from a workplace ethics training session only minutes before. He returned with a semiautomatic rifle, which he did not fire, and the shotgun that he turned on employees at their work stations, authorities said.

The death toll at the military aircraft parts plant outside Meridian, Miss., was the largest in a U.S. workplace rampage since late 2000, and it chilled this city of 40,000, which bills itself as the safest in the state. Washington Post via GenocideWatch.Org.

The "workplace ethics" meeting that Doug Williams exited was actually a "cultural sensitivity training" session which Doug Williams had been ordered to attend in order to address his extremely color-aroused ideation, emotions and behavior demonstrated in the workplace on numerous previous occasions.

As this case demonstrates, some people's color aroused disorder is far too advanced and extreme to be treated with "sensitivity trainings"; instead they require the attention of a competent psychiatrist who is trained to screen for, diagnose and treat Extreme Color Aroused Disorder.

Doug Williams was a victim of the psychiatric profession's refusal to acknowlege and address the fact that phobias associated with skin color are just as serious as phobias associated with elevators and social situations. If sufficiently extreme, all three of these phobias can prevent an individual from functioning effectively in one or more areas of life, and therefore require psychiatric treatment. Extreme Color Aroused Disorder is different, though, in that it often causes the sufferer to act out in ways that violate workplace rules, civil and criminal laws.

Just look at Doug Williams. If he had gotten appropriate psychiatric treatment, then he and his co-workers might not have died or been maimed. Perhaps Lockheed Martin just didn't believe that hating Black people was a symptom of a psychiatric illness. Or perhaps Doug Williams was referred to mental health professionals who didn't believe that hating Black people and wanting to kill them was a sympton of a psychiatric disorder.

Whatever the case, Blacks and whites died that day, as did Doug Williams, who could and should have been treated for Extreme Color Aroused Disorder.

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