Saturday, 11 December 2010

There are no "Races" or Sub-species within the Human Species.

The human species definitely exists, but scientific genomic research has shown that there are no "races" or subspecies within the human species.  Since DNA human genome mapping shows that there simply are no subspecies among the human species, it is therefore obvious that there are no subspecies who could be identified by their skin color.

Genomic scientists have discovered that, in many cases, people of different colors have more in common genetically with people of other skin colors than they have in common with others of the same skin color.

Science has proved that the hypothesis of the existence of "races" or subspecies among humans is an anachronistic and anti-empirical, anti-scientific fallacy.

Just as previous generations of humans insisted that the world was flat until the flat earth hypothesis was demolished by empirical experience as well as celestial science, the days of "race" as an scientific hypothesis are over.  Now, "race" remains only as a superstitious believe propounded by those who don't understand science and those who benefit by insisting that scientific discoveries have no relevance in pseudo-scientific conversations.

"Race" surprisingly, is also defended by Blacks and other minorities who are afraid to lose their cultural identities associated with skin color.  They know or seem not to realize that their sociological culture can be loosely associated with their skin colors even though "race" does not exist.  We don't need the fallacy of "race" to explain to us why Americans argue so much about skin color.  Americans argue so much about skin color partly because of the discredited but constantly cited fallacy of "race."

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