Monday, 3 October 2011

School Makes Black Football Prodigy Victim of His Success by Banning Him from Showing Overwhelming Touchdown Prowess
White Scheme to Discourage Africans from Running in White Countries

The News One for Black America blog, which is part of the Black Planet Universe, reports that:
An eleven-year-old [Black] football prodigy from Arkansas [named Demias Jimerson] has been banned from scoring touchdowns due to his dominance on the field.
This happened in Arkansas, where the players of the opposing white teams were prevented from winning because this Black player is so much faster and better than they are.

It seems to me that rather than pulling the amazing Black quarterback from the football court (or whatever it's called), they should endeavor to teach the other teams better defense.  If they did that, they might even discover that a white football player was able to learn to be so effective at defense that the eleven year-old Black runner couldn't get to the other end of the football field.

Instead of asking white players to rise to the occasion, the school takes the really outstanding player out, so that the white students can remain mediocre and win anyway.  The Black student is not larger or brawnier than the rest of the students.  He seems just to be incredibly faster and super at positioning himself to catch and run with the ball.  There has to be something useful the white opponents could learn by trying to stay competitive.

Sometimes it happens that Blacks just win and win and win, unstoppably.  The UK Guardian reports:
London witnessed another swashbuckling performance by Kenya's incredible marathon runners on Sunday. Kenyan athletes finished in the top three places in the men's race (despite their biggest star, Olympic champion Sammy Wanjiru, pulling out just weeks before the race), and also first and third in the women's race.
It began as a trickle – when Joseph Nzau won the Chicago marathon in 1983 – grew into a river, and has now become a roaring, unstoppable torrent. Last autumn, out of 42 elite men's marathons, 38 were won by Kenyans and four by Ethiopians.

The spring marathon season has so far been an even more dominant story, with Kenyans winning the men's and women's prizes in virtually all of the big races so far, from Paris to Rotterdam, London to Dubai.

In related news from Holland, race organizers are offering Africans only 1% of what a Dutch winner would win if he won the race, in an attempt to discourage perennial-winner Africans from racing and winning.  Dutch News reports that:
The organisers of the Utrecht marathon are offering prize money of just €100 to Kenyan nationals if they win the event, but a Dutch winner will get €10,000, the Volkskrant reports on Saturday.
The aim is to discourage Kenyans from taking part in the 42 km race, nicknamed the Dutch Battle, on April 25, the organisers say.

Last year Kenyan runners won the Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Enschede and Leiden marathons. The Utrecht race has been won by a Kenyan for the past four years and the organisers hope to give top Dutch athletes a chance to win this year.

Event director Louran van Keulen told the paper the prize money trick had been worked out with the help of a lawyer. Banning Kenyans outright would break discrimination laws but discouraging them from taking part is legal, Van Keulen said.

The race website does not mention the prize differences but says ‘only athletes who have been invited to take part are eligible for big money prizes’.

According to television programme EenVandaag, only people with a Dutch passport have been invited to take part in the race.
This is really insulting to the Dutch, effectively conceding that there is no human way that a Dutch person can learn to run as fast as an African.  That's color-aroused, but white people often don't care what they have to do to tip the scales in their favor, when they can't win on merit alone.  It would be better for Dutch self-esteem if the trained in Africa and learned to run as Kenyans and Ethiopians do.

Back in Arkansas, all of the students would learn something about humility by watching this prodigy, Demias Jimerson, run past them until he's practically out of sight.  It would teach kids that there are times when you simply are not going to win because there is someone dramatically better than you.  It would teach the losing kids to try to emulate the Black winner.  And it would teach the losing kids to brainstorm and look for a strategy or strategies that neutralized the speed of the little Black prodigy.  Instead of taking the Black kid off of the field, the white students should get up at six in the morning and learn to run faster or block and tackle better.

Taking this kid off the field is like taking Tiger Woods out of golf in order to give white players a chance to win.  Instead, the right model is the one white women tennis players evolved to beat Venus and Serena Williams.   Since the Williams sisters served approximately 33% faster than the white women in the sport, the white women were compelled to learn to be stronger and put more strength into their serves.  Venus and Serena Williams made all players play harder, regardless of their skin color, if they wanted to have any chance at winning the big trophies.

In this little town in Arkansas, the coaches of the losing teams simply need to teach their players to run faster and block better, or accept perpetual losses when they are perpetual losers.

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