Monday, 8 September 2008

Attacking "Race", But Not the "Racists"

Field, thank you so much for posting the graphic and widget in support of the "I Am A Community Organizer" day of blogging today, and the Afrosphere Action Alerts widget. The outpouring of support shows that the AfroSpear really is unified in conviction and action.

That's a great new header you have, too.

As for my continuous rants against your (and everyone else's) use of the term "race" (as opposed to the obvious existence of color and ethnicity-based political, economic and cultural battles), you and I are saying the same thing, except that I refuse to use the word "race" in saying it, for the reasons I've been harping on since forever.

However, I know I'm a political fool to jump on you about your "Race Matters" post on a day when you've done so much that I personally asked you for. Someday, I'll learn to just say "thank you" before going off and ranting against the "race" word. And I apologize for the thunderous rhetorical fireworks that have accompanied my statement of my conviction today. In fact, I agree with everything you said, except the use of the term "race" to say it.

You have been an essential mentor to me since even before you convinced me that the name "AfroSpear" should be the name that all of us should adopt for our international group of Black self-determination bloggers. And so, I thank you for all that you've done and for all that you're doing.

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