Monday, 8 September 2008

Serena Williams Wins 3rd US Open, 'In spite of her "race"'


A white-skinned acquaintance recently told me she believes that Blacks do not reach the highest levels of competitive swimming because our bones are too dense to enable us to float in the water. Meanwhile, the white swimmer who won all of the medals at the summer Olympics did so by swimming under water. So, white people's theories of our inferiority don't make a shred of sense.

The truth is that, while many Blacks and whites believe in a theory of innate "racial" differences, the biological fact is that differences between us are so minor that it is scientifically laughable to say that there are distinct "races" of human beings.

Serena Williams wins at tennis because she has excellent discipline and determination, swings harder, serves faster, and makes her opponents run around the court from baseline to baseline until they tire themselves out. She is much stronger physically than her competition, which is obvious just by looking at her muscles. When she came into tennis, white women were serving at 99 miles per hour. Serena serves at up to 125 miles per hour (if memory serves) and has, therefore, compelled white players to try to learn to do the same thing in order to be able to compete with her at all.

That's not a result of her "innate ability at tennis resulting from her skin color," although being told that she couldn't and shouldn't compete may have encouraged her father to prepare her and her sister Venus to whip white players asses.

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masterofthe said...

Serena is simply awesome as her color. My father and I (we being asians) don't look at all in colors of the skin. we've been watching her since she battled for the top seed with her sister Venus way back when we are in Italy. She's captivating, blessed and simply great!