Sunday, 22 November 2009

Color-arousing Republican Senator Lamar Alexander Says Medicaid is a "Medical Ghetto"

Jack and Jill Politics reports that Republican Senator Lamar Alexander is trying to use dog-whistle, color-arousing to turn white and even Blacks against Medicaid, by calling Medicaid a "medical ghetto."
“This bill is historic in its arrogance. Arrogant in its dumping of 15 million low income Americans into a medical ghetto called Medicaid that none of us or any of our families would ever want to be a part of for our healthcare.” Sour, Sorry Sen. Lamar Alexander Calls Medicaid “Medical Ghetto”
I disagree that this is "racist" for fundamentally important reasons based in an underling biological fact; "race" does not exist and even though Lamar Alexander is appealing to the belief that "race" exists, it's still not "racism".

Lamar Alexander's words are an appeal to color-aroused ideation, emotion and political behavior. Jack and Jill Politics still uses the words "race", "racism" and racial, as if these have any meaning in light of recent science proving the terms to be utterly without basis in biology.

I'm from a new generation of thinkers and writers who don't try to describe everything as "racist" just because it's easier, more conventional and more familiar. Thankfully, when researchers discovered the existence of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid), they created an abbreviation that everybody could understand but that did not compromise the underlying science.

"Race" is a shorthand way of saying many different things that are utterly unrelated to and dismissive of the underlying science. Every iteration of the word "race", including "race", "racial", "racist" and "race-based" compromises the underlying science because the Human Genome Project has conclusively proven that there is no evidence of the existence of "race" anywhere in the entirely mapped human genome. So, the term "race" is not a reference to biology; it's a negation of everything we have learned over the past century (and particularly the past ten years) about our common genetic biology.

(Oh, you're only referring to "sociological race", but not "biological race"? Try to explain that to Americans in a thirty-second commercial! It's an impossibly complex concept that even people who have studied "race" in college don't really understand and assimilate.)

As I commented at JJP, every time you say the word "racism", you are effectively conceding that you are from a different sub-species than whites. Whites have very effectively taught you to campaign against your own interests by AGREEING WITH THEM that biological "race" exists.

Once you agree that Blacks are a separate sub-species, it's a natural step for whites and even Blacks to agree that Blacks are from an inherently inferior sub-species. (Does anyone really believe that the concept of "separate but equal sub-species" will ever gain any adherents? SHOULD it gain any adherents when the known science utterly disproves this sociological hypothesis?)

We can talk about how imputed "race" makes it possible to engage in discrimination based on what the discriminator THINKS is the "race" of another, even when it''s not. It's unlawful in many contexts to discriminate against someone because you BELIEVE they are Black, even when they only have a dark suntan, or you BELIEVE they are gay because of the way that they speak or dress, when they aren't gay. That's "imputed race" and "imputed sexual orientation".

Do you really believe we can explain to America that the reason we insist on using the word "race", even though we know "race" doesn't exist, is because of the imputed race practiced by people who DO believe that "race" exists? That might work if people who don't believe in biological race stopped using the word "race" altogether and started referring to "skin color groups. But, as long as even intelligent Blacks are using the word "race", you can forget about explaining "imputed race" to the American public.

Now, some people will bring in the perfectly legitimate argument that Lamar Alexander is "racist" because first he imputes "race" to Blacks and then he uses terms like "ghetto" to associate Blacks with this "imputed race"

Once you agree to the premise that "race" exists, it makes perfect sense to Blacks and whites alike that the sub-species called "the black race" must have huge differences (and deformities) relative to whites. Otherwise why would Blacks concede that we constitute a sub-species of the human species?

Does it matter that we are considered a sub-species of the human species? Would you want your five year old's grammar school teacher to explain to him/her and the rest of the class that your child is a member of a sub-species of humanity that is separate and distinct from whites? HAHA If you don't want your child's teacher to say it, then why do you insist on saying it yourself?

The truth is that much of our ideation in America and other countries is based over-interpreting the meaning of skin color and skin-color-associated physical characteristics, like hair type and facial morphology. But the Human Genome Project has discovered, by examining the entire human genetic map, that only oo.o1 percent of the DNA of Black is different from the DNA of whites. We are virtually identical in virtually every way, and so there is no genetic basis for us humiliating, demeaning and marginalizing ourselves by agreeing to be considered a sub-species of humanity, a "race".

People from the Human Genome Project met with Blacks to explain this new understanding, but Blacks seem to have ignored the new science in favor of the old prejudices,like people who prefer to use wood stoves because they're afraid of gas and electricity.

Unfortunately, even the most intelligent of Black people become lazy and seemingly ignorant when it comes to skin color. We would hope that intelligent Black people would explain to the masses that biological "race" was never anything more than a hypothesis -- one that was conceived before humans had any idea that DNA existed, much less what our DNA contained. The disproved hypothesis of "race" has done more to marginalize Blacks than any other concept in American history.

And yet it's still the lingua franca here at Jack and Jill Politics. Oh well. When our generation dies of or retires, our children will assume our institutions and they have grown up in an age where the fact that race doesn't exist is much easier for them to absorb and assimilate. It's just a shame that they have to live with our stubborn ignorance (perpetuating the belief in "race") until we are too old to speak and write any longer.

The truth is that even the most intelligent and educated of Blacks ignore science and steadfastly practice religious obeisance to anachronistic and disproved HYPOTHESIS about human genes. Isn't it time that our language begins to reflect what we've learned about the virtually total lack of difference between Black and white DNA?

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